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Current Inventory Date

  • Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Latest Inventory Movements

The tables below have been created by comparing the publicly released AMARG monthly inventories. 'Arrivals' are records which are additions since the previous monthly inventory. 'Departures' are records which are longer included since the previous monthly inventory. Inventory movements from previous months and years can be viewed by using the 'AMARG Inventory' menu available above.

November 2017


Serial Type Arrival Date Location
79-0475 Lockheed C-130H Hercules 16-OCT-2017 EROW
89-0514 Lockheed AC-130U Hercules 24-OCT-2017 16
162551 Bell AH-1W Super Cobra 23-OCT-2017 DROW
162566 Bell AH-1W Super Cobra 23-OCT-2017 DROW
163952 Bell AH-1W Super Cobra 25-OCT-2017 FF


Serial Type Arrival Date Location
86-0206 Grumman C-20B 30-AUG-2017 FF
85-1480 General Dynamics F-16C Falcon 16-APR-2010 HGR2
85-1482 General Dynamics F-16C Falcon 07-MAY-2010 PAD

Location Movements


First Coast Guard C-27J Delivered

U.S. Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate News Article

November 14, 2014

The first C-27J to complete the Coast Guard’s regeneration process arrived at the C-27J Asset Project Office in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Nov. 13, where it will be used to train and qualify Coast Guard aircrew and maintenance personnel, as well as develop flight and maintenance procedures for Coast Guard-specific mission profiles. Ultimately the aircraft will receive the equipment and systems needed to perform the full spectrum of Coast Guard missions.

Regeneration is the complex process that leads to flight clearance of planes being re-activated from long-term preservation. Working at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group’s facility in Tucson, Arizona, where 13 of the 14 C-27Js being transferred to the service are stored, the Coast Guard’s regeneration team investigated the aircraft's history, verified the details of its configuration and inventoried the installed components, performed extensive inspections and necessary maintenance actions, and conducted a functional check flight. The plane was then released for transit to the APO.

CG-2714 arrives at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Nov. 13. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

While CG-2714 underwent regeneration, the APO commanding officer, Capt. Shannon McCullar, sent his executive officer, Cmdr. Peter Beavis, and operations officer, Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth Bethea, to Italy for training to be rated as C-27 pilots. The APO also prepared the hangar at the Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City to house and support the aircraft.

A second C-27J should complete regeneration before the end of this year, and two others are expected to finish by mid-2015.

For more information: C-27J project page


2014/17 Inventory Size


2014/17 Arrivals & Departures




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