Thursday, June 13, 2024
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IMPORTANT: The AMARC Experience is an unofficial site and that the information is not provided as a service of the United States Air Force or AMARC. The official AMARC Site can be found by clicking HERE.

Web Site Aims

This web site has now been running since the year 2000. Its primary aim is to provide an insight into the important work that AMARG carries out on behalf of the various US military services and information on the various aircraft that pass through the facility. Our database is an ongoing project which is used to capture the known aircraft arrivals and dispositions, their previous units and ultimate fate. One important aim of the web site is to capture memories and experiences that visitors have of individual aircraft, aircraft types and units. This can be done by looking up aircraft in the database and then accessing the comments web page by clicking on the underlined tail number in the list.

Browser Compatability

We try and keep this web site available to everyone, irrespective of what Internet browser they use. We do not have the ability or time to test the web site for compatability on all browsers and their different versions but accessing it using the one of the browsers listed below should not cause an issue.  If you find an issue using your particular browser/version please let us know and we will look into what can be done to improve this. If you are using another browser not in the list above and confirm that it is compatible please let us know so we can add it to our compatability list.

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