This list details some of the abbreviations that you may find when visiting this web site. It also contains other abbreviations that I think will be useful to those interested in US military aviation.
AAF Army Air Field

US States  

AK Alaska
AL Alabama
AR Arkansas
AZ Arizona
CA California
CO Colorado
CT Connecticut
DC District of Columbia
DE Delaware
FL Florida
GA Georgia
HI Hawaii
IA Iowa
ID Idaho
IL Illinois
IN Indiana
KS Kansas
KY Kentucky
LA Louisiana
MA Massachusetts
MD Maryland
ME Maine
MI Michigan
MN Minnesota
MO Missouri
MS Mississippi
MT Montana
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
NE Nebraska
NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
NV Nevada
NY New York
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
OR Oregon
PA Pennsylvania
PR Puerto Rico
RI Rhode Island
SC South Carolina
SD South Dakota
TN Tennessee
TX Texas
UT Utah
VA Virginia
VT Vermont
WA Washington
WI Wisconsin
WV West Virginia
WY Wyoming
ABDR Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
ABS Air Base Squadron
ABW Air Base Wing
ACC Air Combat Command
ADC Aerospace Defense Command
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zones
ADTC Armament Development and Test Center
ADW Air Defense Wing
ADWC Air Defense Weapons Center
AEW & CS Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron
AEW & CW Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing
AF Air Force
AFAF Air Force Auxiliary Field
AFB Air Force Base
AFCS Air Force Communications Service
AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command
AFRES Air Force Reserve
AFSC Air Force Systems Command
AFSWC Air Force Special Weapons Center
ALC Air Logistics Center
AMARC Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center
ANG Air National Guard
ANGB Air National Guard Base
ARCOM Army Reserve Command
ARDC Air Research and Development Center
ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
ARRW Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing
ARS Air Refuelling Squadron
ARW Air Refuelling Wing
ATC Air Training Command
ATS Air Transport Squadron
ATTW Aircrew Training and Test Wing
ATW Air Training Wing
AvnBtn Aviation Battalion
AvnCo Aviation Company
BG Bombardment Group
BS Bombardment Squadron
BW Bombardment Wing
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CCTS Combat Crew Training Squadron
CCTW Combat Crew Training Wing
CCV Control Configured Vehicle
CES Civil Engineering Squadron
CGAS Coast Guard Air Station
CNAVTRA Chief of Naval Training
CS Composite Squadron
CSG Combat Support Group
CSS Combat Support Squadron
CSW Combat Support Wing
CVA Attack Aircraft Carrier
CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
CW Composite Wing
Det Detachment
DPDO Defense Property Disposal Office
DRMO Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DSES Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron
EWO Electronic Warfare Officer
ECM Electronic Countermeasures
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FG Fighter Group
FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron
FITS Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FR Fleet Readiness
FTW Flying Training Wing
FWS Fighter Weapons School
HC Helicopter Combat Support Squadron (Navy)
HCT Helicopter Combat Support Training Squadron (Navy)
HMA Attack Helicopter Squadron (Marines)
HMH Heavy Helicopter Squadron (Marines)
HML Light Helicopter Squadron (Marines)
HMM Medium Helicopter Squadron (Marines)
MAC Military Airlift Command
MAG Military Airlift Group
MAP Military Assistance Program
MARTD Marine Air Reserve Training Detachment
MAS Military Airlift Squadron
MASDC Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center
MATS Military Air Transport Service
MAW Military Airlift Wing
MCAS Marine Air Corps Station
MDS Mission Design Series
NAAS Naval Auxiliary Air Station
NADC Naval Air Development Center
NAEC Naval Air Engineering Center
NAF Naval Air Facility
NARF Naval Air Rework Facility
NARTC Naval Air Reserve Training Center
NARU Naval Air Reserve Unit
NAS Naval Air Station
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASC Naval Air Systems Command
NATC Naval Air Test Center
NATF Naval Air Test Facility
NATTC Naval Air Technical Training Center
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NTPS Naval Test Pilots School
NWC Naval Weapons Center
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PMTC Pacific Missile Test Center
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RoKAF Republic of Korea Air Force
RTS returned to service
RVAH Reconnaissance Attack Squadron (Navy)
RVAW Airborne Early Warning Training Squadron (Navy)
RW Reconnaissance Wing
SAC Strategic Air Command
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SMW Strategic Missile Wing
SOC Struck Off Charge
SOS Special Operations Squadron
SOW Special Operations Wing
SRW Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
TAG Tactical Air Command
TACW Tactical Air Control Wing
TAG Tactical Airlift Group
TAS Tactical Airlift Squadron
TASG Tactical Air Support Group
TASS Tactical Air Support Squadron
TAW Tactical Airlift Wing
TBS Tactical Bombing Squadron
TDG Tactical Drone Group
TDS Tactical Drone Squadron
TEWS Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron
TFTS Tactical Fighter Training Squadron
TFW Tactical Fighter Wing
TFWC Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
TRS Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
TRW Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
TTC Technical Training Center
TTW Tactical Training Wing
TW Training Wing
USA United States of America
USAF United States Air Force
USAFE United States Air Force Europe
USCG United States Coast Guard
USFS United States Forestry Service
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USS United States Ship
VA Attack Squadron (Navy)
VAH Heavy Attack Squadron (Navy)
VAP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Navy)
VAQ Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (Navy)
VAW Airborne Early Warning Squadron (Navy)
VC Composite Squadron (Navy)
VF Fighter Squadron (Navy)
VFC Fighter Composite Squadron (Navy)
VFP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Navy)
VMA Attack Squadron (Marines)
VMAQ Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (Marines)
VMAT Attack Training Squadron (Marines)
VMCJ Composite Reconnaissance Squadron (Marines)
VMF Fighter Squadron (Marines)
VMFA Fighter Attack Squadron (Marines)
VMFAT Fighter Attack Training Squadron (Marines)
VMFP Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Marines)
VMGR Air Refuelling and Transport Squadron (Marines)
VMJ Reconnaissance Squadron (Marines)
VMO Observation Squadron (Marines)
VMR Transport Squadron (Marines)
VO Observation Squadron (Navy)
VP Patrol Squadron (Navy)
VQ Fleet Reconnaissance Squadron (Navy)
VR Logistic Support Squadron (Navy)
VRC Carrier Transport Squadron (Navy)
VSTOL Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing
VS Anti-Submarine Warfare Squadron (Navy)
VT Training Squadron (Navy)
VW Airborne Early Warning/Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Navy)
VX Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (Navy)
VXE Antarctic Development Squadron (Navy)
VXN Oceanographic Development Squadron (Navy)
WRS Weather Reconnaissance Squadron


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