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Only two foreign air forces have operated the North American T-2 Buckeye. The first of these was the Venezuelan Air Force (FAV) who eventually took delivery of 24 T-2Ds (T-2D is the designation allocated to the Venezuelan supplied T-2s).

Delivered in two batches, the first batch delivered in 1973 consisted of aircraft which were very similar to the T-2C but with some different electronic systems and without the carrier landing gear. The second batch were equipped with six underwing hard points capable of carrying up to 1588kg (3,500lb) for rockets and bombs. Two squadrons, Escuadrón Escuela de Entrenamiento 131 & 132 of Grupo Aéreo de Caza 13, operated The T-2 from their base at Luis del Valle Garcia AB, Barcelona. Venezuela withdrew their Buckeyes from service in 1999, and started using the Embraer EMB.312 T-27 Tucano as a 'stop gap' basic trainer until a proper replacement was procurred.

An order for 12 Aermacchi MB.339FDs, the then selected T-2D replacement, was cancelled and in 2001 it was reported that an order had been place for 24 Embraer AMX-ATA from Brazil. The current situation is unclear as there have been reports that two T-2Ds are still in service with the FAV. If anyone has anymore details we would like to hear from you.


The T-2E Buckeye (T-2E is the designation allocated to the Greek supplied T-2s) has been in service with the Hellenic Air Force for more than 2 decades, flown by two squadrons, the 362 Advanced Training and 363 Operational Training Squadrons based at Kalamata Air Base.

During 1998 an Excess Defense Article (EDA) was approved which called for the free transfer of ten T-2C Buckeyes and four spare J-85 engines to Greece. During May 2000 five T-2C aircraft, which had been stored at AMARC, were refurbished and supplied to Greece to augment their remaining T-2Es. A table detailing the five AMARC aircraft can be seen below.

BuNo CN PCN Arrival at AMARC Departed from AMARC
157043 332-14 AN2T0230 27-OCT-93 26-MAY-00
157049 332-20 AN2T0225 24-AUG-93 26-MAY-00
158889 352-14 AN2T0231 28-OCT-93 26-MAY-00
158904 352-29 AN2T0227 21-SEP-93 26-MAY-00
158910 352-35 AN2T0222 12-AUG-93 26-MAY-00

There are currently around 35 T-2Es and the 5 T-2Cs still in service with the Hellenic Air Force although investigations to find a replacement Advanced Jet Trainer have started. A short list of four aircraft types has been drawn up which includes the BAE Systems Hawk 128, Italian Aermacchi M.346, Lockheed Martin T-50 Golden Eagle and Czech Aero Vodochody L-159. The HAF are looking to purchase a total of 45 aircraft and are looking to start it's introduction as soon as possible.


On October 21, 2008 EDA approval was granted for the supply of five additional T-2C to Greece, this was followed by a further EDA approval March 19, 2009 for a further two. It is assumed that these T-2C are to be used for spares.

The following T-2C, the last to be retired to AMARC, are believed to have departed AMARG as a result of these sales. Some of the aircraft have been confirmed as arriving in Greece and are marked as such, the others require confirmation;

BuNo CN PCN Arrival at AMARC Departed from AMARC Confirmed?
158321 340-12 AN2T0305 20-AUG-2008 10-MAY-2010 no
158601 346-27 AN2T0307 25-AUG-2008 29-APR-2010 yes
158909 352-34 AN2T0306 20-AUG-2008 09-APR-2010 yes
159159 367-10 AN2T0304 22-APR-2008 18-MAY-2010 yes
159173 367-24 AN2T0309 25-AUG-2008 06-MAY-2010 no
159705 3##-2 AN2T0308 25-AUG-2008 09-APR-2010 yes
159722 3##-19 AN2T0303 22-APR-2008 18-MAY-2010 yes