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#2 Yossarian Silano   2017-04-20 05:10
On a more sombre note, 95-003 was the pride and property of Papa D. Honored and respected crew chief, loving husband and father, and all around great example of what a real man really looks like. God rest your Soul, Brother. She took me home every time because you cared enough to do the right thing every time.
#1 Yossarian Silano   2017-04-20 04:34
I flew 003 into battle against the Taliban on 7 July 2011 in Gelan, Afghanistan, around the Tarnak River Bridge. SEALs were surrounded and the Taliban had brought up a recoilless rifle, which we neutralized and then had F-16s destroy. The Taliban attempted to reinforce across the Tarnak River from the South, and we interdicted them. 003 was flying that day with an engine that could not pass a PAC check unless you performed it in flight with a cold headwind. I took her out because she really liked me. She got scratched up a bit by an enemy PKM, but still managed to dodge several RPGs and return plenty of hate. We won the day, and 003 took me right back home. We gave her a new engine shortly after, but she didn't like it much at first. Next time I took her out, she spit all her oil out to protest a really fat chinook that was taking too long, then decided she would make it up to me by getting me to a small COP to get some lunch while she got fixed up. We spent a pleasant afternoon with some more SEAL buddies and then flew home.

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