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#2 Griff   2011-04-21 00:00
This was my aircraft when I was stationed at Soesterberg AB, Holland 1992-1993. I went to Denmark with it and it flew 23 of 24 sorties Code 1 and was reconigzed as the depolyment "high flier". It really was a great jet and its only other problem was when it was over G'd in a dogfight with the 102 FW pilots prior to its transfer there. I worked it for a week on the repair and inspection. The pilot that flew it had to assist. It left Soesterberg in May 94. really sad to see it there and others like it. We should have bought the F-23 or the new Silent Eagle as their replacements.
#1 Col Tim 'Heater' Estep   2009-11-20 00:00
Pride of the fleet... This aircraft was flown out of Otis ANGB, MA and was one of the aircraft used in the patrols over Boston, New York and Washington. It was also flown in the skies over Iraq during Operations Northern and Southern Watch. Photos to follow.

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