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#3 C Corich   2016-11-26 21:54
I was lucky enough to get a fam flight in 141 with the ORANG Wing Commander "Sparks". We did a full afterburner departure from PDX, flew to Newport Oregon, north up the Oregon coast to Astoria, then turned east where we had a bock of airspace for some aerobatics. I got to fly the plane and also to experience a "gray out" with my vision closing in due to g loads. I didn't pass out so it was "fun" to experience what that was like. I returned with a clean and empty barf bag. Great airplane and a great unit - the Oregon Air National Guard flying it. Thanks for the amazing flight "Sparks". And thanks to the ground crews who turned me into a "fighter pilot" for the afternoon.
#2 Alan MIller  2014-04-11 04:13
I was crew chief on 76-141 while at McChord AFB from 1983-85. 76-141 was one of two B models (buses) assigned to the 318FIS. I would spend my Friday afternoons doing launch and recoveries for incentive flights - never did get a ride of my own! We had a Navy exchange pilot while I was there. I remember we were having an exercise. Must have been some time in the fall because it was a pretty rainy day. I launched 141 with the Navy pilot. As he lifted off into the low ceiling he promptly rolled 141. I was pretty amazed because 141 was configured with two drop tanks with a full load of fuel that day! 76-141 was a flying machine - hardly ever broke.
#1 Charles Mckinney  2013-03-08 08:42
This aircraft was first at Langley AFB when Col. Borlin was 94th Figther Group Commander.

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