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#3 Tony Harper   2014-02-23 12:58
I had the privilege to have been the assistant crew chief during the timeframe between Mr. Hamblet and Mr. Szabo. Bernie Kennerly was the head crew chief during my tenure. 6131 was affectionately named "Tweety Bird", maybe one of you guys can elaborate as to why. 6131 sat on line 12 spot 1 which which was in the direct line of sight of our DCM. Unimpressed with her appearance, she was instructed to head to the wash rack weekly and the paint barn for touch-up monthly. I was given a can of gray paint to touch-up any fasteners that was of a different color. Now impressed with her newly kept appearance, I was asked to take her to Nellis AFB to set as a spare aircraft for Secretary of State George Schultz and some Genral. Of course I accepted. Captain "JJ" Joiner flew us both to Nellis then taxied and parked between the 2 primary aircraft, which I was asked to tow her to a different location because 6131 made the 2 primaries look "unimpressive". The expeditor at Nellis said she thought she saw a ghost when we landed because she was at Luke when 6131 slid off the runway and snapped or buckled one of the mains. My Flight Chief Dennis Hayes was snapping photos of me like a proud father before we left that day so Stephen, if there's a way to contact him I will definitely ask him for some copies of those pictures because I'm sure one of them will show our old girl sitting proud!
#2 Stephen L. Szabo  2013-02-25 23:20
I was a crewchief on this bird at Luke AFB AZ. back in the middle to end of the 1980s. I crewed her in the 461st Deadly Jesters, after I came from the 555th. triple nicklel, when I got her he was a really great shape, barely flew code 3 at all, she was the first F-15B to win the turkey shoot back in 1988(if memory serves, I am getting older lol) I had 2 ea. pilots who liked to fly her, I can only remeber one though , Major Cliff Lopert, in which he gave my first incentive ride in 73-111, anyways I am trying to get some recent pics of my old girl and to know where she is at, I sure miss crewing her.
#1 Jamie Hamblet  2008-02-19 00:00
I was crew chief on this aircraft at Luke AFB, AZ in the early 80's. I had to put her back together after she sat for over a year (the original hangar queen) following a right landing gear collapse on landing, which happened before I got to Luke. I used to have nightmares weeks before the scheduled FCF flight that she crashed to the ground just as the pilot pulled up on the nose to do a max climb. But I can proudly say that she flew an almost flawless FCF flight after just about 18 months on the ground. Code 3 for radar and some other avionics and instrument issues. I'll never forget her!

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