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Do you have any interesting details or stories of this particular aircraft or aircraft type? Did you fly or maintain it during its active service? We are trying to build a database of information on all the aircraft that have passed through AMARC to provide our visitors with another perspective of these fine aircraft. If you can help please fill the boxes below with your details and any information you can provide us with.




#9 Neal Roffmann  2009-09-20 00:00
I flew this C-9 as an AC & IP while stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany from 2000-2003, a few months before the 75AS shutdown. I have many great memories of operating this plane into Rota, Lajes, Sigonella, Olbia, Naples, Aviano, Villafranca, Pisa, Incirlik, Tuzla, Skopje, Prince Sultan, Bahrain, Mildenhall, Keflevik, Souda Bay, and many sad to see it just sitting--
#8 Bob Williams   2008-11-10 00:00
I was at Rhein Main from Nov 1976 to Dec 1979. I flew as a Medical Technician on all four C-9s assigned there. There were Sir evac Missions departing and arriving every day of the week. we flew mission to spain twice a week, Italy twice a week turkey twice a week, and the UK including Berlin twice a week. The Spain missions routed us through Torrejon, Rota, Kenitra Morocco, and Zaragoza.THe Italy missions would route us to Pisa, Sigonella, Naples, Brindisi, and Aviano one day the opposite two days later. The Turkey missions AKA the Turkey trots routed us through Athens, Ankara, Cigili AB (Izmir) Incirlik RON back to Cigili. Ankara, and Athens, a three day turkey mission
#7 Bob Williams   2008-11-10 00:00
#6 Bob Aaron  2008-02-29 00:00
So sad to see an aircraft you spent so many days sitting in the cockpit in - seems like just yesterday that aircraft was flying a DV mission somewhere! It did a lot of Embassy support missions to and from Moscow during the height of the Cold War - with an Aeroflot navigator (aka a KGB operative too!) in the jump seat. That was by mutual agreement, but they also saved our butts once or twice in the conversion of altimeter settings - the Russians used QFE while we used QNH. Sometimes we would be given the QFE by accident - should have seen the navigator go nuts when that happened! This was also the aircraft we took a DOD team into India in back in 1985-85 timeframe - the very first time we had been invited in and also the first and last time I landed (in Agra) using smudge pots to illuminate the runway! We always depended on this aircraft - it was always ready to go and we knew we would be able to get our jobs done without worrying about the bird being able to do so
#5 Warren Smith  2007-01-02 00:00
I was the APG Rep' and later the COMBS Manager from Apr.'72 until May 1979 at RMAB. I have many fond memories of my tenure there with the A/C mentioned -I traveled all over Europe in them during recovery operations, some involving over night stays in "exotic" surroundings like Izmir turkey.

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