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#1 R Piper   2015-06-13 05:58
Had an "incentive flight" on this jet while TDY to Incirlik, Turkey in Junish 1990 as an avionics tech. After a max climb take off we flew TFR through mountains and mach 1+ over the Med. Did some "dancing" up down and around clouds. I had some flying experience so the pilot let me fly it for much of the 1.7 hour flight time including an approach to landing. I was amazed at how "easy" it was to fly such a big powerful jet. One of the highlights of my 26 years in the Air Force. A short 7 months later I was getting it in the air to attack Iraq. Those 7 months in Saudi gave me a great sense of purpose and accomplishment. It's been tough to beat. I worked F-117s for 13 years afterwords but the F-111 will always be special to me. After all, I went to war with it. Today when I pick up a can of beer I sometimes wonder where it came from.

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