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#1 Ronald Bisson  2017-08-31 20:16
C-5 &0-0449 was one of three airplanes that landed short at Davis Field in Oklahoma. I was part of the flight crew that flew the airplane from there back to Lockheed Marietta in Georgia for repair so the aircraft could be returned to the Air Force inventory. The aircraft sustained damage to the Aft Landing Gear and Ramp. The right side aft landing gear fairing was braced with wood so we could fly the aircraft without removing the entire fairing. We had to fly the aircraft unpressurized at 10,000 feet or below thee entire flight due to the damage on the right side of the aft ramp. The aircraft is somewhat unique as it is one of the few original C-5A's that has an Aft Bilge Hatch forward of the aft ramp. The reason for the modification was due to the modification of the production jigs for the C-5B program. The short landing resulted in damage that encompassed about 25 main frames in the aircraft structure
(11 forward of the MLG and 14 aft). You can tell where the main frames are in the cargo compartment by looking for the tie down points. This aircraft might also have a forward bilge hatch as there was so much damage to the main frames, I don't recall. The airplane was a very good flying aircraft after the repair, and it's too bad the Air Force didn't elect to put it into Long Term Storage. I would dearly love to see this particular C-5 tail fly again, though I don't believe there is any chance of that.

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