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#3 Maj Danny Giesler   2012-08-27 00:00
After our return from the Gulf War in 1991, there were 4 RF-4Cs from Spangdahlem AB (left from the Zweibrucken AB previous closedown) needing to be flown to AMARC. Flying commercial to Germany, I flew in rear cockpit of 69-0369 from Spangdahlem AB to it's current chock location in AZ. Of the 4-ship deployment to AMARC, we only made it as a 2-ship due to a problem with #3's jet (4 provided mutual support for their impending trip later that week).
#2 Webmaster, AMARC Experience   2005-12-31 00:00
Here is what the USAF inventory records for the two RF-4s say

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#1 Martien Heijmen  2005-12-30 00:00
The story of RF-4Es in Iranian service is probably one of the most secret chapters in the history of the Phantom II. As it seems at one point in the early 1970s the USAF loaned two RF-4Cs to Iran. Actually, the aircraft - known to have been 69-0369 and 69-0370 - were used for "top secret" reconnaissance flights behind the Soviet borders, in a joint US-Iranian operation. It is known that these two Phantoms passed through US European bases underway to Iran on 8 August 1970. Interestingly, only a month later Iran officially ordered six RF-4Es, and it is even more interesting to note how swiftly these were built and delivered at the time McDonnell Douglas was overloaded with orders from the USAF, USN, Luftwaffe and some other customers. Equally interesting is that although the official serials of the first six RF-4Es destigned for Iran were 72-0266 thru 72-0269, the first Iranian recce-Phantom was rolled off the production line already in the late autumn 1970, and made its maiden flight on 14 December of the same year! Even more so, it arrived in Iran already in March 1971, thus enabling the USAF to get back its two RF-4Cs to their bases in Germany and the UK (where these were noticed because of their desert camouflage pattern), in early March 1971.

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69- 036907-AUG- 70Deli vered from McDonnell Douglas, Lambert/St Louis
08-AUG-70To Iran under MAP.
03-MAR-71To 26th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Ramstein AB, Germany.
69- 037007 -AUG-70
08-AUG-70To Iran under MAP.
04-MAR-71To 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, RAF Alconbury, UK.