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#2 Stephen Foster  2006-05-12 00:00
Aircraft 68-10930 was assigned to the 601 Tactical Air Support Squadron (TASS) at Sembach Air Base, Germany in the 80's. I was an engine mechanic and worked on it all the time from 1983-1987. At that time Charlie Jones was crew chief and Michael McDonald was assistant crew cheif. The aircraft participated in numerous Presidential Support missions during the Ronald Reagon era. I think it also was involved in Operation Avalanche Express to Norway during that timeframe also.
#1 Timothy Hadrych  2006-05-08 00:00
During Desert Storm, I was a crew member on MH-53J tail number 68-10930. On 21 January, our crew rescued Lt Devon Jones, an F-14 pilot that was shot down near Baghdad. We flew over 6 1/2 hours in Iraqi airspace, for the first successful combat rescue of a downed pilot since the Vietnam war.


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