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#1 Dean Burrell  2005-10-23 00:00
I remember all the long hours prepping 024 for Rodeo '86 alongside guys like, Craig Pugh, Ed Schaffer, Jim Whitely, Sandy Rivera, Vic DelValle, and Bryan "the Jarhead" from Hydraulic Shop. It was one of the most rewarding times of my career and never worked so much without a break but never had so much fun doing it.I remember taking a trlip to Little Rock to do some airdrop practice and the ERO team came along to do some On-Load Off-Load training. Murphy's Law prevailed and the crew missed the auxilary ramp with the trailer and smashed up the Stirrup Guard. We were able to "reform it to original contour" so we could get home..I also remember working 27 hours straight so we could come out of Refurb on time as the crew wanted to go flying to CHS to do some low level practice. We got them off the ground on time and once again Murphy was along for the ride..Over Charleston Bay the RH wing #5 Leading Edge took out a seagull and pushed the skin right back to the Fwd Spar over an area about 1 foot wide. The guys at Charleston put a scab patch on our nice fresh paint job. Luckily we had about a week before Rodeo and got it changed in plenty of time.

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