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#17 Rick Lippincott  2014-05-15 15:50
66-8304 was the second C-5A built.

Following the accidental destruction of the first C-5A (66-8303), 8304 was used as the primary flight test airplane. It flew for some time with the extended test probe on the nose.

Some of the comments note that 8304 "wasn't quite to spec" in terms of matching the engineering drawings. This is likely true, and is likely true because it was such an early airframe: production methods hadn't all been finalized, and minor design items that weren't quite optimal on 8304 and the other early airplanes were likely changed and standardized with later airplanes.

There are similar minor variations in the first few C-5Bs, manufactured in the mid 1980s, for the same reason.
#16 Steve Adamczyk STEVE_20005@YAHOO.COM  2013-05-18 21:37
Where's JESS when you need him. MSGT. Kenny SHWARM Crewed "The FISH WAGON" as she was affectionatly known by at Westover for many years. Ken was very devoted to that aircraft as I remember. And im still here at Westover. I sometimes think I will be buried here lol.
#15 William Arnold  2012-04-28 00:00
Having worked on C5A from Jan 1970 thru 1979 66-8304 was a great acft for me. As a crew chief at Kadena AB to Travis and on to Hickam I saw all C5A's come thru and at times they all were a hell to work on. When I got to Travis in 1971 we only had 3 C5A's and I was given 668304 as assis crew chief untill I went to Lockheed and picked up my brand new 69-0017 as crew chief. We at Travis ended up with 36 C5A's. Having flown around the world more times than I care to think about we had a lot of fun and sometime not as much, the bird could be pain.
#14 Henry J. Rome CMSgt/WS-14 Delaware Air Guard  2011-04-21 00:00
I was the crew chief on this old lady for 2 years. I flew many missions on this Aircraft as a dedicted crew chief. I am staring at a plaque hanging in my office for crew of the month back in 1985 for C5A
#13 Larry Larivee  2009-09-25 00:00
While working for Lockheed at Westover I was always fascinated with 8304. The history of this aircraft and where it had been would boggle the mind. It's also humbling to look back on how many deceased warriors made their final trip home on 8304 during the Vietnam era. She did her duty with honor many times over and was a joy to work on such a lady with her history. Rest in peace.

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