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#1 Field McConnell  2009-10-13 00:00
I flew this aircraft in William Tell 1986 and the a/c won 2 of 5 profiles flown against USAF F15s and Canadian CF18s. Profile 1 AIM-7 [ sand seeker ] Profile 2 AIM-9 directed hit on left wing flare pot of QF100 Drone. Crew Chiet TSgt Jimmy Moore, a Navy man before joing our ANG unit in Fargo. WSO Major Bernie Kring, former USAF B52 Nav from GFAFB. This aircraft is referred to numerous times in the 4 books at and on the DVD [ viewable at website ] the world's lowest jet-to-jet airrefueling every videotaped is displayed twice, first time about 6 minutes into story. In the stories she is called "The Sweet Talkin' Woman' because her left engine made a strange noise. It could have been the vari-ramp, the bell-mouth or the engine itself. At theANG Base in Fargo ND there is another "478" on static display as well as a/c 64-0972 stuck

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