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#1 Michael Hoover  2017-11-14 04:09
This aircraft was the test bed at Nellis AFB for the EF-111. It was assigned to the 57th FWW OT&E Squadron. It took about six months to complete the mod on it. I remember we always got into it with the aircrews who didn't read their -1 manual about the Attack Radar operation. They would squawk that after getting a weapons bay overheat warning (which was here most of the EF avionics was located), and hitting the pressure source switch to dump air into the weapons bay, they would get a System Mal light on the Attack Radar System scope and no more transmit. I can't recall how may times we told them, and showed them, that the waveguides are pressurized. The transmitter has a pressure switch in it that disables the transmitter if pressure to the waveguide is lost. Thankfully, we won that battle. Then, after they were done testing the equipment, it took another six months to restore the airplane to it's original configuration.

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