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Do you have any interesting details or stories of this particular aircraft or aircraft type? Did you fly or maintain it during its active service? We are trying to build a database of information on all the aircraft that have passed through AMARC to provide our visitors with another perspective of these fine aircraft. If you can help please fill the boxes below with your details and any information you can provide us with.




#2 Jarvis Lord  2010-10-28 00:00
I was the crew chief on this aircraft in Vietnam in 1970.The aircraft was stationed at Ton San Nhut airbase in Saigon with the 12 TRS. I remember the first time that 917 introduced itself to me because the aircraft had gone out to phase for new paint and other item of repair and they told me that I would be the crew chief on this plane when it came back well it came back to Ton San Nhut when it was completed with new paint and repair of item but there was a problem on return the main hydraulic system failed and they had to blow the gear down so when the plane came around the corner and i saw it for the first time I was expecting a nice freshly painted plane hear is this aircraft covered in hydrulic fluid under belly and black gear all over the place the aircraft looked like it wasn't washed ina year.....It is a funny story to me but I really wanted to know if the aircraft is still there or gone now and if someone could send me a picture of it...Thank You
#1 Jarvis Lord   2008-11-05 00:00
I was the crew chef on this Aircraft in Vietnam from Nov 1970 to the time it came back to the states in august I believe.This Aircraft seem to always have a lot of problem Radar,INS and split flaps.....I had to just about beg the pilots for a OR mission but we did the best we could with and we got her back home in one piece.....

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