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#4 RICHARD A FIGUEROA USAF ret  2016-09-12 12:58
TRIPLE Deuce... One of the first TAIL NR's# I remember during my assignment at CHAS, AFB, 73-76, RHEIN MAIN AB 76-85, and ALTUS AFB 90-93. the number One of my Favorite TAIL nr# to remember. Had a few memorable TDY to fix her to take her back home. My most memorable TDY was to WEST BERLIN GERMANY to fix NR#4 ENG. I last saw her at the LOUISVILLE INT AIRPORT taxing during my EMPLOYMENT at UPS in 2000. I would have hope that TAIL NR# 222 would have been put out to pasture as a static display jet. YES! TAIL#222 will always be etched in my minds as the C141 to remember.. "HAVE a pleasant journey TAIL NR#222".... RAF
#3 Christopher Sanders, SSGT Chas. AFB SC 437th  2007-01-21 00:00
"Ole' triple deuce" as she was known in Charleston. I was assigned to her for a short time on my short stint on day shift. She had a reputation for breaking down at the worst times. However, she didnt do it to me. Many of the crew chiefs would talk about how she would sit there and spring a hydrolic leak out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Personaly, I think it was all hype. Many of the guys would say because of her 222 she was unlucky, I didnt think that about her at all, maybe that is why she never broke down with me. To this day I can still hear the distinctive sounds of the 141 whine as they would take off, they were a beautiful and graceful aircraft.
#2 Mark Zimmerman  2006-02-23 00:00
This aircraft was stationed at Charleston when i was there 75-79, Great 141, during that time we called her Triple Duce.
#1 SSgt Andrew Absher   2005-11-03 00:00
I flew on 65-0222, nicknamed the "Draggin Wagon" around June of 2002 from Ramstein to Andrews. From the looks on the outside, she had seen her better days. I thought her nose-art was kinda cool. She was a tough old bird, and her crew was great. Sad to see that she's here, now. I would have thought that the Air Force would save a few of them to put in various museums around the country.

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