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Do you have any interesting details or stories of this particular aircraft or aircraft type? Did you fly or maintain it during its active service? We are trying to build a database of information on all the aircraft that have passed through AMARC to provide our visitors with another perspective of these fine aircraft. If you can help please fill the boxes below with your details and any information you can provide us with.




#4 Ronnie Ripple  2010-10-13 00:00
We had 7854 at the Rock. It landed short of runway at Aljaber in Kuwait while deployed with 61 AS. I helped get it up off it's belly on Kuwait International. I also flew many hours on it as a flying crew dog.
#3 charles Hoehn  2010-02-16 00:00
Dear Person:I was the crew chief of this aircraft from 1967 through 1969 and flew with her all over the world. At that time she was with the 778TH Tactical Airlift Squadron out of Pope AFB. This was one of the most realiable aircraft at Pope, during the time I had her I cannot recall a single abort. I would love to have any information about her since 1969 when I left the service. If she is set for scrap( and I hope she never is) I would like to know if one of the seats could be aquired.
#2 Mark Wales   2009-08-17 00:00
I remember coming off of a Turkey trot during summer rote 86 with my pig 63-7813 and I think Ken Loften was crewing 495 and he broke on his way into Turkey and we had to break off and take his load and spend another 5 weeks in Turkey due to it. Not saying it was a bad thing, since I enjoyed the break we got in Turkey.
#1 Bill McKeethan  2008-11-09 00:00
I was the crew chief on this aircraft from ~ 1968 to 1970. Good old bird. Spent many hours with her at Pope AFB and all over the world.

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