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Do you have any interesting details or stories of this particular aircraft or aircraft type? Did you fly or maintain it during its active service? We are trying to build a database of information on all the aircraft that have passed through AMARC to provide our visitors with another perspective of these fine aircraft. If you can help please fill the boxes below with your details and any information you can provide us with.




#5 Anthony Melaragno  2013-03-26 03:12
I crewed this plane at Ellsworth with John Gerrits (Genrull). I was at Ellsworth 1980-1984. My memories of this plane were it was a great plane. Ellsworh sure looks different today than it did back then.
#4 Chris  2008-12-17 00:00
I remember working on this aircraft when it was stationed at Grissom. I was there from '86-'93. She was the biggest pig on the ramp!! Always broken!
#3 rolland Laver  2008-01-08 00:00
I worked in the Wheel and Tire Shop at Ellsworth from 1974-1976. Balls 1 was one of my babies I had to put new "shoes" on. It was sure a sharp-looking "purty-bird" sitting on the alert pad. But it could get up and go when the klaxon sounded.
#2 Keith Britt  2007-11-01 00:00
I was an RM onboard this aircraft from 1987 - 1990. We picked up "balls one" at Ellsworth in 1987. She was a G model aircraft used in the radio relay mission at Grissom. Larry Forma, Paul Macalmont, Bob Burrough, Bob Peasley, Mark Seltzer and Carl were some our senior Radio Maintanence technicians of the time. I sat many days on alert at both Grissom and Rickenbaker on 8001. Great plane!
#1 Art Gordon  2006-09-12 00:00
I crewed this aircraft at Ellsworth, this jet was known as Balls one, it spent a lot of time sitting on the alert pad, it was a good jet to crew. I spent a lot of time heating water and cleaning starters after the Klaxon sounded. John Gerrits aka "Genrull" crewed this jet for a long time.

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