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#1 Tom Combs  2005-08-18 00:00
I was crew chief on this aircraft while stationed at Dyess AFB 1970-71. September 1970 while on rotation to Mildenhall we were tasked with flying to Incirlik, Turkey to await orders to fly into Amman, Jordan to 'rescue' civilians who were captured by hijackers. We painted red crosses on the airplane and wore our flightsuits inside-out. Three Dyess based C-130's participated in the rescue. Months later on a rotation to Rhein Main, Germany we flew a resupply mission to the American embassy in Bucharest, Romania. The following morning while attempting to unlock and preflight my aircraft, I was threatened by a Romanian guard who shouted and aimed his AK-47 rifle at me. We held an uneasy standoff until the embassy staff car arrived and the aid removed the seal on the left parachute door. I was prepared to defend my trusty C-130 against this well-armed communist soldier.

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