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#1 Walt Chapman  2013-12-08 23:32
We had this airplane in our unit, the 130th TAG WVa ANG from 1975-1986. In 1986 we were on a 3 week deployment on 1824 to the UK to support three A7 units training in Europe. My brother was the AC on this trip, I was one of 2 crew chiefs on this trip and we were coming back to Sculthorpe, UK from being down in Germany and my brother yelled over the intercom and ask if we had dropped a toolbox in the cargo compartment (loud noise and jarring of airframe). The Engineer noticed the pressurization had drop completely off. We had hit a big gull out over the Black Sea turning for Sculthorpe and it ripped off an antenna, along with a big chunk of fuselage. We diverted on to Mildenhall and the sheetmetal group there, I and the other crew were up all through the night repairing the hole and installing a new antenna on the bottom of the aircraft. We had the repair done and the floor panels all installed by the time my brother and the rest of the crew arrived in the morning to fly out on another mission.

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