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#2 Bill Helbig  2008-10-20 00:00
I flew this airplane out of KMCC McClellan AFB in Sacramento between 1977 and 1981. What a great airplane. We flew our missions out of Yokota AB near Tokyo and Eilson AFB in Fairbanks. Our mission was part of the Cold War, keeping tabs on Soviet nuclear technology. The airplane gathered air samples over the Sea of Japan and over the northern latitudes. The samples were then ferried back to the states and eventually to the lab for analysis. You never saw a more busy pair of navigators. The work was so intensive and important that crew members received an air medal for 25 polar missions, a polar mission being one that flew to at least 70 North I believe. On one mission an airplane lost both compasses. The airplane basically made a 180 and followed its contrail until an HF steer could be established. A navigational mistake could easily result in an international incident at best and a Korean 007 scenerio at worst.
#1 Bill Helbig  2008-10-20 00:00
This aircraft was also part of the 55th WRS at McClellan AFB. There were six aircraft. 670, 672,665, 673, 674, and 667. It had a basic crew of 2 pilots, 1 navigator, 1 flight engineer, and 2 special equipment operators (SEO). The aircrews became refueling qualified in 1979 when a satellite detected what appeared to be a nuclear blast somewhere in the south pacific. At the time there were few crew members who were operationally qualified to refuel. The response to arrive on scene was marred by various delays. As a result, all crew members became operationally qualified.

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