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#2 Gary B. Welch  2012-09-10 00:00
I crewed this aircraft with jamie ralstin as my Assistant crew Chief until I left the USAF in Late Dec 1981. True Story, this was an excellent aircraft and a top notch miantenance crew. jamie and greg were the best. And Greg Spradlin was a great artist. (Just ask Lt Col Uncle Runkle) Those were the best of times.
#1 Gregory P. Spradlin  2009-09-22 00:00
I was the assistant Crew Chief on 61-0283 during the early 1980s. The Crew Chief was Jamie Ralstin and the Mike Staser was our 3rd wipe. Back then '283 was known as the "Cobra Jet" because of the affection (or should I say "obsession") our Crew Chief had for that type of Ford Mustang. We all pulled our share of Alert duty at both Grissom AFB, IN and at Rickenbacher Air National Guard Base in OH. I miss the sound of the ol' gal when all four motors hit water on take-off. Nothin' quite like it!

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