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#4 pj jones   2015-02-13 21:53
61-0007 flew from AMARG to Barksdale on 13 Feb 2015
#3 exradardan  2015-01-24 19:37
I'm not 100% certain, but I think this is the jet I flew during OPERATION DESERT FOX in 1998. Glad to see its going back into service.
#2 Tinker AFB   2015-01-23 17:31
61-0007 is being put back in service. it's replacing a current B-52 that is beyond repair.
#1 Robert Crane  2013-11-03 00:15
I crewed 61-0007 from 1991-1994 at Minit AFB ND. I came up with its name and nose art, Ghostrider, in 91 or 92. I flew on her to Cairo, Guam, Diego Garcia, and several other bases around the United States. I came close to beating the all time take off record with 47 on time takeoffs. This plane was the best BUFF I ever crewed. I was very sad to hear shes in the Boneyard now. My crew consisted of myself, SSgt Robert Crane, Sgt Donny Howard, SrA Keith Lucht, & A1C Robert Connery. I separated from the Air Force in 95, still miss that plane. Was happy to see she got some action in Cosovo in the late 90's I'm sure she did well and completed the mission.

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