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#1 Kevin Miller, Lt Col (ret)  2007-09-03 00:00
59-1518 was a KC-135A delivered to the FAA as a check flight platform and operated from Oklahoma City (as NOVEMBER 96) and remained in service up thru the 70's until a more cost effective FAA platform (I think a 727) was put into service. When the airplane stood down, it was supposedly turned over to the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center for storage. In Sep 77, the 8th Tactical Deployment Control Squadron (TAC) based at Seymour Johnson AFB NC, crashed one of their two EC-135Ks into the lower end of Sandia range in the middle of the night when they took off into a tailwind at Kirtland AFB. The Class A mishap lost their 62 model and crew of a dozen or so. Subsequently 1518 was brought out of storage and turned over to TAC and the unit and was configured to airborne C2 status similar to 55-3118. The remainder of this small squadron moved from Seymour Johnson to Tinker and joined the 552d AWACW E-3 wing. 1518 was one of the first group that was re-engined from J-57 waterwagon configuration to TF33-PW102 with reversers. The TF33-102 motors came off the large buy of 707 airframes the govt undertook from American, United, TWA, etc. The sister EC-135K, 55-3118 was also re-engined to TF33-PW102 configuration. 3118 was the first KC-135A off the Boeing line and today is on a stick at McConnell AFB KS.

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