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#2 Rolland Laver  2008-01-08 00:00
I was stationed at Hill AFB, Utah, as a crew chief when this aircraft was assigned to us (6514th Test Squadron) for a "classified test project." This aircraft in 1984 when it arrived from Warner-Robins had a set of DC-130E wings installed. (I believe thats why it's designated an NC-130B.) It made for an interesting "acceptance inspection", as the hydraulic plumbing in the flapwells was a real maze. As I recall, the "project" never really came along for it, and it just flew in augmentation of our other two aircraft. I left the 6514th in September 1986. But it was an assignment and experience I'll never forget, since I worked on stuff I've never seen the like of to this day, and worked with some of the finest people one could wish for.
#1 C King  2006-03-01 00:00
wow I thought she'd be razer blades by now.

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