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#2 Don Warhurst  2014-09-13 03:36
I arrived at Clinton-Sherman AFB OK August 9 1966. 58-0033 or "8033" as we called her was the 70th Bomb Wing 'lead the fleet" aircraft. She was crewed by SSgt Roy Kress. One of my first "jobs" was to check her oil on landing and then wipe all the oil streaks off her cowling (and yes we used JP-4 soaked rags!). After that we got out the met-all and shined the ring cowl's till you could shave in them. She was always immaculate and the best flying 135 we had. 8033 should be on display somewhere, she was and probably still is a proud bird.
#1 Randy Peters  2009-05-12 00:00
I crewed this plane at Grissom AFB, IN. The name we called her was Phoenix. Was a awesome jet to crew. Took it many places during my time with her, mostly Europe. By the time it left Grissom, I believe headed for Fairchild long about 1988, I had 142 consecutive on time take-offs with her. For a water burner, that wasn't bad. Not the most, but not bad. I remember one trip going to Fairford RAF. We were about 2 hours into the flight when I was awaken by the boom operator because of a fluctuation in oil pressure on #1 engine. I got to the cockpit to talk with the A/C then the low oil pressure light came on. He shutdown the engine and we returned to Plattsburg AFB. Had to change the engine due to a blown 5th stage carbon seal.

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