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#2 Antoine  2006-11-26 00:00
Correction to the above statement that this is an F-14D(R). I received bogus info from the '04 Nellis air power demo. According to Home of the MATS website, this serial number range is actually new built F-14D. 18 Tomcats from the Block 85 aircrafts, serial numbers ranging from 159588 - 159637 were converted to D configuration.
#1 Antoine  2006-11-16 00:00
This aircraft was originally flown by VF-101 Grim Reapers before being transfer to its last unit VF-213 Blacklions. It was used as the Grim Reapers' demo bird at many air shows. Original modex of this aircraft is AD-165 and it is actually an F-14D(R) not F-14D. The R stands for remanufactured, it was an A model that was converted to the D configurations.

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