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#3 Rafael Ciffoni  2017-01-24 19:33
Sad to know this fine aircraft was scrapped. It deserves to be in a museum at least.
#2 LTJG Matthew Koop  2005-03-22 00:00
Victory 103, the Jolly Rogers' show bird, was the very last Jolly Roger Tomcat to leave Oceana and head out to its ultimate demise in the Boneyard. A hundred or so maintainers, aircrew, and photographers came out on the flight line that cool mid-morning on January 25th to say farewell to the last of the Jolly Roger Tomcats. As the section began its takeoff roll, everyone watched in a somber silence as such a distinct and remarkable chapter in Fighter history came to an end. Some saluted and some captured the moment with a camera, but most simply gazed reflectively, if not nostalgically, as the harsh silence was drowned out by the massive GE engines roaring past. As the jets joined and faded into the distance not a word was spoken on that flight line as everyone simply let the moment be burned into their mind...a fitting end to such an incredible experience to have worked on and have flown this venerable fighter.
#1 Brian Marbrey  2005-03-09 00:00
VF-103 rec'd 163217 from VF-101 in March 2003, and was the first a/c the squadron had taken with the Sparrow Hawk HUD installed. In 2004, 163217 saw a change in markings celebrating the Jolly Rogers 60th Anniversary, and then finally their last tomcat cruise markings.

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