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#1 Matthew Allen Eveland  2016-09-11 22:26
It's actually a Seahawk. It was originally based at RWATD HSL Div in Patuxent River Test Center, Md. I worked on/with it from'83-'87.It was a test platform for avionic, electronic, engine, transmission, gearbox,etc updates & upgrades before they were incorporated into fleet aircraft. We would take it to Duluth, Mn every winter for Icing Trials. Icing Trials is when we would fly it deliberately into an ice cloud, natural or artificial, with the Deice & Antiice Systems disabled, fly until it built up so much ice that it would start falling out of the sky. Then push in circuit breakers & flip on switches & hope it would regain altitude. Then it would land & we'd see how much damage it received from the shedding ice. It was also used in the Engine Test when GE & Rolls Royce were bidding on the engine contract with Sikorsky Aircraft for the H60. It also was used for flight deck certifications on many of the Perry Class Frigates as well as other ships that were updated with the LAMPS MARK 3 landing system. It was a workhorse at the Test Center & our go to aircraft for a lot of the project. There were times it had as much Orange Wiring, test equipment wires/hardware, than its own. It was probably my favorite bird. I was an Navy AD, Plane Captain, CDQAR,ETC with this aircraft. We have a long history together.

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