AMARC Experience - Lockheed S-3 Viking - Production
Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Original Production

BuNo Batches CN Type
157992/157999 3001/3008 Lockheed YS-3A Viking
158859/158860   Lockheed S-3A Viking - Order Cancelled
158861/158873 3009/3021 Lockheed S-3A Viking
159386/159420 3022/3056 Lockheed S-3A Viking
159728/159772 3057/3101 Lockheed S-3A Viking
160120/160164 3102/3146 Lockheed S-3A Viking
160567/160607 3147/3187 Lockheed S-3A Viking


Lockheed S-3B Viking

122 S-3A were converted to S-3B.

BuNo Batches

158861, 158863/867, 158870/158873


159387/159390, 159392, 159399, 159402, 159407, 159409, 159413, 159416


159729, 159731/159734, 159737, 159740/159748, 159750/159751, 159753, 159755/159756, 159758, 159760/159771


160121/160136, 160138/160145, 160147/160149, 160151/160153, 160155/160163


160567, 160569, 160571/160584, 160588/160589, 160591/160592, 160596, 160599/160607


Lockheed KS-3A Viking

One YS-3A was converted to KS-3A (Tanker version), this one was then converted to US-3A


Lockheed US-3A Viking

Six YS-3A were converted to US-3A (COD version);

157994 3003
157995 3004
157996 3005
157997 3006
157998 3007
158868 3016


Lockheed ES-3A Shadow

16 S-3A were converted to ES-3A Shadow;

158862 3010
159391 3027
159393 3029
159394 3030
159397 3033
159400 3036
159401 3037
159403 3039
159404 3040
159405 3041
159414 3050
159415 3051
159419 3055
159420 3056
1597381 3067
159752 3081

1159738 retired to NAS Pensacola as an instructional airframe.


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