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Due to the proximity of the main Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center (AMARC) many aircraft that depart from there end up in the number of scrapyards and restoration yards that surround the complex. Some stay a very short while, being prepared for onward delivery to their final destination or being restored to flight condition to be flown out of Davis-Monthan AFB. Some airframes stay a lot longer in storage, are restored or are used as a source of spares for other aircraft. Some are reduced to small pieces of metal that are melted down for recycling.

The collection of aircraft found around the various yards can be very fluid, some airframes have been resident in the same yards for many years, while others just spend a few days or weeks as they are prepared for delivery to new owners around the USA and the World. The aircraft listings available on each of the yard pages below were for the aircraft resident in the yards during July 2002. Since then many of the aircraft may have moved on, many others may have passed through the yards or they themselves taken up longer term storage in the area.

To call the companies who operate from these local years 'scrapyards' belittles their extensive aviation experience and skills somewhat. However, the sight of dismantled historical aircraft, laying around in a seemingly unorganised fashion you can understand why the 'scrapyards' description endures.

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