Minden Air Corporation, East Drexel Road
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Lockheed SP-2H Neptune 145917 stored at Minden awaiting restoration and conversion to a fire-fighting aircraft.

Minden Air Corporation run by Len Parker and Janet Shepardson are specialists in the aerial fire fighting business. In support of their operational fleet of Lockheed P-2 Neptunes they operate a yard on East Drexel that contains several P-2 and various other types of aircraft. It is a small yard and all of the aircraft in it can be seen from outside the premises. Click here to see an aerial view of the yard which will give you a good idea to its layout. The yard is dominated by two C-130 Hercules fuselage's that are positioned next to the fence.

In 2000 two HU-25 Retrievers that were originally at Bob's Air Park moved to here. I believe one of them to be 130027 but the other is unknown at present.

Last Updated : December 2001