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Please note: This database is very much a work in progress. Where a destination is specified as Unknown, we are investigating these records and the correct destinations will be applied when known.

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 SerialPCNCodeTypeC/NArrival DatePrevious UnitNotes
Submit information on this aircraft158030  NH-502Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-702-OCT-09VAQ-135 
Submit information on this aircraft158040  NE-502Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-1730-SEP-09VAQ-131 
Submit information on this aircraft158542 AN5A0132 Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-2028-SEP-94  
Disposition:01-APR-98 / To NADEP, NAS Jacksonville, FL. Returned to service.
Submit information on this aircraft159585  NJ-907Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-5121-JUL-09VAQ-129 
Submit information on this aircraft160706  MD-03Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-6927-JUL-11VMAQ-3 
Submit information on this aircraft162939  NL-522Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-12222-MAR-11  
Submit information on this aircraft163035  NG-502Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-12806-JUL-11VAQ-133 
Submit information on this aircraft163049   Grumman EA-6B Intruder 06-SEP-12  
Submit information on this aircraft163401  NF-503Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-14127-APR-12VAQ-136 
Submit information on this aircraft163892  CY-05Grumman EA-6B IntruderP-16702-NOV-09  

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Un-bracketed dates are the recorded date of departure from the inventory.

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