McDonnell Douglas F-4F Phantom 72-1218 from the 20th Fighter Squadron seen on the RIT shortly after it was moved from it's initial storage location on Area 7. By May 2006 all of the ex. 20th Fighter Squadron F-4Fs had been moved to Area 24 and placed on wooden supports in preparation for the removal of spare parts. The supports will hold the aircraft off of the ground when the landing gear is removed during the reclamation process.

Picture 2006 Phillip Michaels


The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom just keeps on flying! Serving with the U.S Air Force and U.S Navy for over 40 years the, F-4 Phantom, which is undoubtably in its twilight years, continues to serve not only with the Air Force but also the German Air Force. AMARC fulfils an important role in the F-4's continuing operation, not only for spare parts provided by their reclamation operations but also through its work to regenerate stored aircraft and provision of skilled maintenance services.

The latest F-4s to arrive at AMARC were F-4Fs from the 20th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed the "Silver Lobos", based at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The squadron was deactivated on Monday 20th December 2004 after 64 years of service with the US Air Force. The first arrival, 72-1118, was delivered by Col. Kevin Zeeck, the 20th FS Director of Operations. The second, 72-1218, arrived at the base two days later. The remaining 14 F-4s arrived at AMARC by the second week of January 2005 in 4 further waves. A complete breakdown of these can be seen below;

13-Dec-200472-1141, 72-1257
04-Jan-200572-1159, 72-1176, 72-1177
05-Jan-200572-1164, 72-1174, 72-1231
06-Jan-200572-1170, 72-1200, 72-1221
07-Jan-200572-1163, 72-1180

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   The first 2 arrivals
   First 2 F-4F Tails
   F-4F Phantom 72-1118
   F-4F Phantom 72-1141
   F-4F Phantom 72-1257
   72-1257 Phantom Cartoon
   F-4F Phantom 72-1218
   F-4F Phantom 72-1218
   F-4F Phantom 72-1159
   F-4F Phantom 72-1163
   72-1163 Tail Closeup
   F-4F Phantom 72-1164
   F-4F Phantom 72-1170
   72-1170 Messages
   F-4F Phantom 72-1177
   F-4F Phantom 72-1180
   72-1221 Messages

Established on the 1st May 1996, the German Air Force Tactical Training Center consists of two training units, one for F-4 crews and the other for Tornado crews. The F-4 Training Squadron has overseen all German F-4 student personal affairs, and provided German instructor pilots who cooperate and work alongside US instructors in the contracted training program provided by the 20th FS.

The reason for chosing this training solution was the quality and experience provided by the U.S Air Force and the near perfect weather conditions experienced in the New Mexico region. In the future all German Air Force F-4 aircrew combat instruction will be carried out back in Germany.

The F-4Fs of the 20th FS are no strangers to AMARC as a number of modifications were carried out on their aircraft at the base during 2002. The modifications were carried out after the aircraft had arrived from Germany and before their final delivery flight to Holloman AFB. The modifications included the following: - Improved windscreen quarter panels,- dual cockpit audiovisual recorders,- modified landing gear and flaps circuit breaker panel, - removal and replacement of the engines - and fire and overheat detectors installed in the engine bays.

The first example was readied by 5th September 2002 with all of the conversions completed by the end of the year.

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